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R80.30 GA now available!

Check Point released their newest version R80.30 as a General Available release today. In contrast to R80.20 GA Check Point did not release the Management Feature release before the GA release. This means this...

R80.20 now widely recommended version

Since January 15th 2019, R80.20 with Jumbo Hotfix Take 17 is considered as Check Point’s default version. This means it’s widely recommended for all deployments. It should now show up as recommended hotfix in...

R80.20 is now General Available!

Check Point released their newest version R80.20 as GA today. The main difference with the earlier released R80.20.M1 (Management Feature release) is that R80.20 GA is also available for Security Gateways.

R80.10: Automatic Proxy ARP with Manual NAT rules

When releases like R80.10 hit the spotlights there will always be new features that don’t get immediate attention. Something that changes with R80.10 is the new ability to enable automatic creation of Proxy ARP for manual...

R80.10 released

The wait is finally over. R80.10 has been released today and the necessary files for a clean install or upgrade from R7x.x or R80 can be downloaded from Support Center.

R80.10 is coming this month? [UPDATED]

According to rumors covered by this article the long awaited version R80.10 (supporting Security Gateways) might be released in two or three weeks. This means R80.10 will be released about a  year after R80 was...

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