Memory leak in CPUSE Build 1272

It seems that the Gaia Deployment Agent, also known as CPUSE, is affected by a memory leak. When monitoring devices we saw memory usage increasing rapidly to almost unhealthy proportions. Most of the time the process was cleaned up and memory usage was restored to normal values. But today unfortunately a customer experienced problems with clients running Identity Awareness agents and some Site-to-site VPNs when DAService crashed and a coredump was created. Though it was part of a cluster no failover was initiated…

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Crashing routed on 1100 Appliances (continued) [UPDATED]

More than a month ago I published this article about a crashing routed on two 1100 appliances when just entering the command ‘show route’ in CLISH.

It took some very long time to get an answer from R&D and apparently they could not reproduce the whole thing. They were able to crash routed but the failover could not be reproduced. After sending some more debug information and further investigation by R&D I was asked to enter two commands in CLISH.

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Crashing routed on 1100 Appliances

Probably a few weeks ago I was asked to take a look at a Check Point  1100 cluster with Gaia Embedded R77.20.31 on it which had one member with a Down status. This is not a production cluster so when a reboot solved the problem we did not spend more time to investigate this issue deeper. Until then this only happened once.

But yesterday it happened again…

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