One year later…again millions of zero-byte files?

Almost a year ago I ran into the CPUSE timeout issue when Saving File Permissions. Last week I ran into a similar problem when creating a snapshot of the same VSX gateway. In a year time this VSX gateway received some newer Jumbo Hotfixes and at this point Jumbo Hotfix Take 286 (GA) was installed. I’ve never received a hotfix from TAC when I had the CPUSE issue back then.  We only had the workaround with manually deleting the temporary files in/opt/CPshrd-R77/CTX/CTX00001/tmp/. So might it be possible the snapshot and CPUSE issues are caused by the same problem?

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CPUSE timeout during ‘Saving File Permissions’

Recently I had to install a Jumbo Hotfix on a R77.30 VSX cluster for a customer. I made sure CPUSE was updated to the latest version.

When the Jumbo Hotfix installation was in progress I noticed that the status ‘Saving File Permissions’ did not finish. It looked like if this process was hanging. We waited a long time, but in the end the installation of the Jumbo Hotfix was simply cancelled without any warning or message being displayed.

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